Sunday, June 7, 2015


I am not sure about other countries but in the US customer service is a pretty big deal, and now with things like the power of online reviews and social media people praise and complaints can speed even further. In the US we expect a certain level of respect, cleanliness, a friendly smile, well groomed employees and an easily accessible environment which all plays to customer service.

Chegg is a company that most college students have grown fond to over their college years or experience. Chegg is a unique booking buying experience allowing students or individuals to purchase their books online from sellers around the world or what they have in house. Chegg tends to be the best online book store according to reviews and continues to reinvent itself every year with unique shopping options, ebooks, sometimes the best prices, free coupons when books arrive, free returns and great customer service.

For this post I focused on Cheggs customer service. Unlike other online book stores or any book store, chegg has gone above and beyond to deliver the best customer service possible.

Chegg has a twitter account with the handle (@CheggHelp) specifically to help customers with all their needs 24 hours a day.

I decided to monitor the @chegghelp and #chegghelp to see what people were saying about the brand and customer service particularly. I watched the account periodically throughout the day covering about 24 hours worth of tweets. From my research I was able to determine that CheggHelp was quit successful many people were very satisfied with the speedy reply and overall needs being met. out of the 30 post:

25 out of the 30 were very happy with their customer service experience via twitter.
3 out of 30 were not satisfied
2 out of 30 could not be determined.

From this data and personal experience, I can say that the @CheggHelp has been quit beneficial to customer and has earned great reviews.

Chegg Customer Service Chart

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